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Sunday, 16 June 2013
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I am fasinated by the wolf. I write as AKELA, who as some of you may be aware was the old male wolf that looked after Mowgli in Jungle Book. I call where I stay the Alpha Lair. I don't like super heroes however my favourite character is ...yes you guessed it Wolverine....and there is a lot els that doesn't warrant mentioin (Oh! and by the way I have no liking for Hitler) So when some one spoke to me on the ever expanding community called Facebook I was not one bit surprised that they sent me this. After reading it I honestly fel that yes..I do seem to fit the mould of the Alpha Wolf rather the Alpha Male almost down to the T...I can tell you this it is ecstatic and within the agony and the poetry is where AKELA resides...


For this cluster of highly enviable aggressive men who are usually at the helm of affairs life is not a picnic forever. Deep psychological issues invariably plague most which they are unable to cope with. Jayalakshmi Sengupta invades this private space unearthing some rueful facts about the Alpha Male.

Who is the Alpha male of the species? Simply put, in the game of the survival of the fittest, the one who takes away the grand prize - An Arnold Swaznaggar or a Sylvestor Stallone, with considerable physical prowess? Not necessarily. Survival as human species involves subtle power games that lie more in the realms of the mind. The Alpha Male is someone who masterminds, pitches and wins strategic deals maintaining a certain clout and social status wherever he goes. Despite being charming and generous he can be extremely mercurial and aggressive. His ideas totally out of the box, can be visionary and yet too radical to be implemented. His methods risk driven will reap amazing benefits at the cost of some great personal loss. Someone, who is capable of extraordinary courage, conviction, vision and yet time and gain chased by self doubt and depression.

Alpha males are known to be somewhat introverted and reserved in their teens. They display occasional sparks of aggression during their college days and some of them go on to develop a striking confrontational disposition, especially, when demeaned, devalued and challenged. Many Alpha males come from disturbed and broken families.

This man riding the hottest steed ever - a galloping testosterone often finds it difficult to keep it to the straight and narrow. The temptation to explore the uncharted territory is undeniably strong in these men. He may go where the angels fear to tread, such is his faith in himself. He may however find himself confronting demons hard to defeat. These demons are created over a period of time and cannot be ignored when they become full fledged terrorists.

It is not easy to be the numero uno. The tortuous climb apart the effort to stay at the top is a herculean task. Not to mention how lonely it gets at the pinnacle. The Alpha male is almost always a victim of this intense solitariness that makes him literally stand apart from the melee. Love, appreciation and security in emotional bonding everything that keeps a person together during hard times maybe unavailable to him. The rigid lifestyle that he creates for himself, his work and result oriented attitude is not always conducive to building long term relationships. He craves for them and attracts them to himself. His mindset however cripples any opportunity of meaningful relationships. They simply learn to thrive on adulation while running away from emotional commitment. Though he is capable of sharing deep love, the Alpha feels forced to create and breathe in a vicious environment of quick gratification. Focused on keeping himself going, he may even regret becoming the opportunist and manipulator that he becomes.

Usually the alpha adult is the most comfortable-looking person in the room. His controlled, quiet magnetic charm creates an enviable presence and makes him instantly popular with women whether he chooses not to play the field or not. However he is also someone with a visible ego drive, another recognizable trait. This “attitude “help them to bulldoze through every obstacle in life and it needs constant bolstering. “I am successful but am I noticed and am I desired?” This is a common refrain in their mind, reaching a crazy pitch when they are in their prime. “This emotional vulnerability or intense ego drive can be the nemesis for the Alpha male if he is not suitably prepared to cope up with the stress his lifestyle naturally demands, says Dr.Siladitya Ray, consultant psychiatrist with Desun Hospital & Heart Institute Ruby General Hospital, Kolkata

Even when they most successful they are uncomfortable with the emotional emptiness they feel. They realize they may end up ignoring the deeper self for the projected self and in business of getting things done. Alpha males are therefore “prone to megalomania, depressive tendencies, sexual excesses and violent outbursts,” according to Dr Ray. “Some of them develop frank Borderline Personality Disorder characterized by extreme behavior, impulsivity, drug abuse, radical mood swings and unstable relationships,”. Karoshi is also not common among Alpha male. Literally translated from Japanese it means death from overwork, heart attack, stroke or stress. The Alpha male with its immense threshold for stress keeps pushing himself and may die in their prime, due to neglect. They are also likely to suffer from Parkinsonism, Alzeimers, Bipolar and Sleep Apnea - disorders that cripple any attempt at living at an easy pace.

The essential challenge with the Alpha Male is to live in moderation. Moderation may be a balanced approach to life but it is like a dam that restricts the gusto of a flowing river. Men who take up the cudgel and make things happen have to be tremendous go getters. There is a huge hazard involved in taking the first leap and you need to be a risk taker to bring profound transformation in anything – be it a business, a company or the society. Sometimes in their eagerness to expand and see their vision fulfilled they spread themselves too thin. Both in times of money, time and affection, the Alpha Male may finally find himself beleaguered with limited resources. Interestingly their sharp mental acumen make them amazingly self-introspective. They are also capable of greater self-control than any ordinary person and can live a far richer and meaningful life if they choose to like the monk who sold the Ferrari.

(Screw the monk and the Ferrari....I prefer just being me and my Royal Enfield suits me just fine :))